Website Design & Development, Graphics Design, and Videos & Post Production Editing

About Us

Based in Sydney, Australia, DISTORTED BIT provides design solutions and services for individuals and businesses. With our extensive knowledge in a wide array of programs and software, we can provide you with the best possible designs to help achieve your objectives.

We will also be providing royalty free, high quality photos, videos, illustrations, graphics, and sound compositions which can be purchased straight from this site.

Our Services

Web Design

Website Development, Mobile Friendly, Custom Design, e-Commerce, Blogs.


Compositing/Editing Footage, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, Colour Grading, Sound Design, Music Composition.

Graphic Design

Logo Design, Branding Packages, Image Adjustments/Customisations, Mockup Designs.

Our Process

We use a 3 stage process for all our design work.
Stage 1: Plan. Here we find the best solution based on the criteria given by you.
Stage 2: Design. Once we are happy with a template to base our idea off, we will start to develop the concept into a working design.
Stage 3: Review. Finally, we present what we’ve built to you. This is where we can evaluate the system and see if there are any final adjustments needed before the finalising the design.



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